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Ernesto's Digital Magazine

“Hello my name is Luis Miguel, and I am a Youth Pastor in Cuba. I would like to tell you about the testimony of one of the youth who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the digital magazine.  

Ernesto is 15 years old and is currently in the tenth grade. Previously, he has visited our church from time to time and attended the programs and activities for young people. But Ernesto had never made the decision to follow Jesus. At the time he received a digital magazine, the environment in his home due to his parents' divorce, was affecting his relationships. He was also experiencing depression and mood swings. Some of the young people of the church had already told him about the gospel and their need for salvation, but it was through the digital magazine that God led Ernesto to make a final decision about his faith. Now, this God-fearing boy is being discipled, and waiting to be baptized. His mother has begun to come to church as well, and his friends tell us how a changed Ernesto, in the midst of the difficulties of his home, remains joyful in Christ.”

—Luis Miguel (Paraphrased)

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