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GMJ - Bring the gospel to refugee camps

Today, you have a chance to partner with Christians in the Middle East who come from a Muslim background. Together, you will bring the hope of the gospel into refugee camps and share God’s message of love and redemption with some of the most marginalized people on the planet.

For many, this will be the first time they are ever truly hearing the message of the gospel. It is the first time they will hear about a God who loves them and is seeking a personal relationship with them.

You could imagine the impact that message will have—but you don’t have to…

These faithful Muslim-background believers are already there. They’re sharing Arabic language Spark magazines and they’ve even built their own 12-lesson curriculum using the Spark Teaching Guide to teach refugees of all ages about Jesus and help them memorize Scripture. It helps them learn twelve Biblical truths they can cling to: 6 truths about the core of the gospel message, and 6 truths about the treasures that come as a result of becoming an adopted child of God.

These groups are already changing lives. They changed the lives of two young women, whose names we can’t tell you for safety reasons. These two women had been kidnapped by a religious extremist group and been repeatedly sexually assaulted. Even after they escaped this group they felt hopeless.

That is until they learned about Christ in one of these Spark classes. They both found the hope they were looking for and gave their lives to Christ. And they didn’t stop there. They have joined our partners in this area and are currently passing on what they learned by leading Spark classes themselves!

What these new believers are doing is inspiring, and they need your support to continue.

The local churches are running out of Scriptures to share. They’re asking for an additional 30,000 Arabic Spark magazines to help them continue sharing the Good News of Jesus with refugees.

And the church has recognized another need.

After seeing the overwhelming impact resources like the Spark magazine and the 12-lesson teaching guide have had, the Church is hungry for more resources. By giving today you can support the creation of a brand-new Arabic Hope magazine that will meet this need.

The Hope magazine is targeted towards adults, and this Arabic translation will not only be available in their native language, but will be contextualized for their culture, helping the local church expand their evangelistic efforts.

Thousands of refugees have already heard the redemptive message of Christ thanks to donors like you, but the work is far from over. Millions in the Middle East are fleeing war, religious persecution, famine, and natural disasters.

Many are physically broken by the travel. They’re left exhausted, hungry, and hopeless by the state of the camps they stay in. They are looking for something to cling to. A hope that will never leave them.

They are looking for Christ.

Will you share Him with them?

You have the chance to play a vital role in transforming refugee camps with the gospel. Your gift of:

  • $60 will allow 10 people to receive the transformative 12-week Spark training course
  • $150 will show dozens of refugees just how much God loves them thanks to their Spark magazines filled from cover to cover with gospel teaching and Scripture verses
  • $250 will contribute to the creation of a life-changing Arabic language Hope magazine





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