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Bangladesh is only one third the size of Manitoba, yet has almost nine times the population of Canada. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world; most people live on less than a dollar a day. Tropical cyclones are a regular occurrence, and have claimed over 1.5 million lives in the surrounding areas. The country is home to the largest refugee camp in the world; over 1 million Rohingya Muslims live in bamboo and tarpaulin huts. On top of all this, their lives were turned upside down by COVID-19, which caused many to lose what little income they had. Not long after the pandemic, another cyclone hit. Yet, there is an openness to the gospel in the region that a local bishop says he’s never seen before. People are beginning to turn to Jesus.

“We have seen more people open to the gospel than I’ve ever seen in my villages,” Samuel shares. “This is the best time to reach them.” The humanitarian disaster currently unfolding in Bangladesh could reach unprecedented levels if relief agencies don’t rise to meet physical needs soon. 

But in this time of physical need, spiritual need has become increasingly more evident. You can rise to meet that need. 




Our ministry partners have strong connections in Bangladesh, including within the government. This creates opportunities to share the resources you provide with people in places that are considered off-limits for most missionaries and evangelists. “By the Grace of God, we have a good relationship with higher government officials as well as our President and Prime Minister,” they explained. Whenever they run into issues related to land or church buildings, both Christian and non-Christian government officials “are very cooperative and proactive in aiding us with such problems.”

These connections with government officials provide an opportunity to organize different types of evangelism—from mass worship, to teaching Muslims on the gospel, to distributing Scriptures. The resources exist to meet the need, but who will provide them?

Will you fuel believers in Bangladesh by providing these resources?


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