Speaking Up in Chile
Speaking Up in Chile

Our GO team in Chile hopped on the bus for a one-hour ride to a local elementary school. We had the opportunity to teach the students how to evangelize and equip them with Chispa magazines. Our goal was to demonstrate how to be true ambassadors of the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was an absolute pleasure for us to show them how to use relational evangelism to reach their friends, family, and neighbours.

I>n a lot of countries, we do not have the opportunity to share like this, but the doors are open for school ministry in Chile. Yet, we do not know for how long. We must realize the urgency and prepare the next generation to be able to share their faith and show them how to live a lifestyle of evangelism. When we make evangelism part of children's lifestyles, they look for every opportunity` to introduce people to Jesus Christ through God’s Word.

Imagine if we could train all children of Chile at a young age, and train the adults around them! We would not only transform Chile in a positive way, but we would change the entire world with the next generation of evangelists.

One of our team members, Nicki, had an incredible afternoon with an aspiring young lawyer named Gabby. Gabby was one of the students who had gone up after the presentation to pray with our team. Because of their connection through this prayer, Gabby and Nicki went out to evangelize together that afternoon. At the start of their outreach, they met two women. At first, the women rejected the Esperanza magazine, but later they came to find Nicki and Gabby saying they were ready to talk. They both asked for prayer for health and conveyed a desire to attend the church we were working with.

After the encounter, Gabby turned to Nicky and said, “I have never done anything like this before! I can’t believe I just did that!” She went on to have three other faith conversations on her own that day.

Let's pray for Gabby as she tries to accomplish her dream of attending law school so she can defend people who can’t speak for themselves.

—Brad (International Growth Manager, Paraphrased)

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