William: Gideon Legacy
William: Gideon Legacy

At 96, William has been an active Gideon member in Canada for 68 years! Bill has participated in the growth of The Gideons International In Canada and the development of ShareWord Global, and has witnessed the impact of thousands of new believers blessed by the ministry! 

Bill recently expressed how proud he is to be a part of the ShareWord Global family. With tears in his eyes, he shared this story:

“Last spring, I was flying to Ottawa to visit my son. I remember struggling to show the WestJet agent the boarding pass on my phone. The woman smiled at me and said, ‘Let me do that for you—I do this kind of thing all the time! And I will gladly help you through security.’ It took seconds to have a printed boarding pass in my hand, then she took my arm. At the security gate, she looked straight into my eyes and sincerely said, ‘It was so great to meet you, William. One of these days, you and I are going to be on a flight to heaven together.' I was Gideon Pinshocked. ‘What do you know about my faith? You’ve never met me before this! ’ She gently pointed towards my chest. ‘I know anyone who boldly wears that pin has a real relationship with the Lord.’ That sentence brought so much joy to my heart! My little Gideon pin is a representation of the real work Jesus is doing through The Gideons International In Canada and ShareWord Global. I am blessed to be a member of this amazing ministry.”

William (Paraphrased)


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