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A Radiant Hope

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the South Asian landscape, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Dawn brought with it a crowd of believers gathered in a modest church, seeking strength and comfort in the pastor’s sermon. Their expectant faces mirrored the hope that lingered in their hearts—a hope anchored in the promise of redemption and a love that conquers all fear.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as evangelists, trained by ShareWord Global, began distributing a vibrant magazine. The word Hope adorned its cover, drawing nearly 200 eager hands hungry for the message of Christ.

This was just the first part of Amir’s* journey across the region alongside his fellow evangelists—a journey fueled by a desire to equip believers, fulfilling a need with the light of Scripture.

Their journey, however, was not without its challenges. The rented vehicle that carried them forward broke down on the highway soon after leaving the morning service, casting a shadow of delay over their mission. Amir and the others finally arrived four hours late to their next event.

But God was there with them in the form of a local pastor who graciously loaned them a car to their journey to a city 200 kilometers away. Despite the fatigue that threatened to weigh them down, their resolve remained unshakable.

In each city they visited, they shared the transformative message of Christ, proclaiming boldly that He alone can forgive sins and offer salvation to all who believe. Their efforts were met with open arms and eager hearts. People received the Scripture resources with joy, recognizing it as a precious gift so desperately needed in a region so hostile to the gospel.

And despite the hostility, the message of Christ spread. The pastors shared the resources that Amir had given them, carrying on the mission and bringing the Good News to surrounding cities and villages.

One of these pastors brought some Scripture magazines to a remote area and back to the people in his community. Most of them were in bondage labour, working in brick kiln factories to survive. Working off a debt they could never truly repay.

The pastor shared with the workers the message of Jesus, that He gave His life for them. It was a debt that was paid in full on their behalf. As the Hope magazines were passed around, the pastor made sure they knew that no matter the circumstances, no matter the fear or despair, that God was with them every step of the way.

In the face of adversity, Amir and the pastors he encountered continue sharing the life-giving message of Christ. As they journey on, they carry with them the promise of hope—a beacon of light shining brightly in the darkest of nights.

*name changed for security reasons

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