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New name. New mission.

Evangelism with the Scriptures in Partnership with the local church.


As we move into this new normal of being ShareWord Global, we aren't less than what we've always been: we are more, and we have been for quite a while.

Experience what it's all about!



On an international team, you’ll come alongside local churches to fuel their passion for evangelism—and your own!





This full-day event will help build confidence and prepare you to walk out your door and onto the mission field that is all around you.




+ - Why the need for a name change?

As we move into this new normal of being ShareWord Global, we aren't less than what we've always been: we are more, and we have been for quite a while. Our new name reflects that. While the Gideon name boasts international recognition and awareness, what it represents in people’s minds is only a portion of what ShareWord Global does and will do moving forward. As such, retaining the Gideon name would hinder the ministry and be an inauthentic representation of who we are.

+ - Has the organization’s vision and mission changed?

We think of our work now in terms of the phrase: Evangelism with the Scriptures, in Partnership with the local church. So, what hasn’t changed is our continued belief in the power of God’s Word, and the hope to see souls saved through personal evangelism, which was the heartbeat of this ministry from the very beginning. What has changed is our increased emphasis on personal evangelism, both from the organization itself, and through mobilizing the local church to personal evangelism with Scripture.

+ - What does the new name represent?

We like to think of ShareWord as a synonym for personal evangelism with Scripture, as we apply the dual meaning of the term, Word: Scripture, and the person of Jesus Christ.

+ - Why the tagline, together, we can tell the world?

Together acknowledges that we are engaged in God’s work – a work that He has chosen to involve us with. But it’s also a work that we do together with the church. As a ministry, we don’t see ourselves as ‘helping the church be better at evangelism’. Rather, we ARE the church, and so together with our brothers and sisters in the faith, we aim to be faithful in the call to go and make disciples of all the nations.

+ - Will sharing Scripture remain a core part of the ministry?

Definitely. Last year, we shared almost 2 million copies of Scripture worldwide and it’s our hope to see that number grow moving forward!

+ - What is the significance of the logo?

We certainly tip our cap to the past with our logo, bringing forward and stylizing the flame that has always been lit on our old logo. But instead of the flame rising out of the pitcher, we see it emanating from the Word of God, underscoring the latter half of our name.

+ - With the name change, how will you continue to honour the history established by the Gideons?

We embrace our history and affirm the work that has been done – in fact, we are building on that legacy. It's for that reason that we have established the Gideon Legacy program as a ministry of ShareWord Global, sharing specific resources and tools under the Gideon brand.

+ - How will this rebrand be used to spread the gospel further?

In two key ways:

  • First, the rebrand reflects not just a change in mission, but a process of international growth that’s been going on for more than five years. We aren’t just reaching out to Canadians with the gospel or Scripture now - it’s the whole world.
  • Second, through multiplication. We aim to grow our impact by not just being the evangelists, but by mobilizing evangelists – our brothers and sisters in the faith - calling and helping the church to fulfill the Great Commission God has called us to.

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