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After God Stepped In

Our outreach group stood outside a homeless shelter, 15 degrees below zero. Bundled up in thermal layers and masks covering our faces, we shared the gospel with the folks dropping-in. We prayed with many people and gifted them with Scriptures. 

After about a half-hour of evangelizing in this way, we noticed an angry man waiting for his meal outside the shelter. He was picking a fight with everyone who walked by—pushing people, swearing, and trying to aggravate anyone he could.  Suddenly and forcefully, the man came over to our group and started swearing directly at us. 

We winced. He was using Christ’s name in vain and claiming we were just there to make money. He then zoned in on one of our members and started to provoke him. All the while, we simply protected the group and assured this man Jesus was more powerful than his anger. But as we explained God’s omnipotent love, he only became angrier. 

By now, we knew his situation was out of our control—only God could step in and transform this man's hardened heart. All we could think to do was pray and sing songs of worship nearby him. 

To our surprise, the more we prayed and worshipped, the more humble the man became. After about ten minutes of praying, he broke down in tears and became more receptive to hearing the gospel message.  

After witnessing the man’s entire transformation, a member of our team asked the man if he wanted to accept the Holy Spirit into his life. And he said, “yes!” 

After the two prayed together, she handed him a New Testament. He gently grabbed the Scripture, held it toward the sky and kissed it.  

We left that day assured that heaven is rejoicing—another has been welcomed into God’s kingdom!

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