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Beauty of the Gospel
Beauty of the Gospel

We’ve all been there. You show up on time for your appointment, only to find out that they’re running behind. You’re asked to take a seat and wait…and wait.

As time passes, boredom starts to creep in. You look around the room, feeling more and more restless by the minute.

Thankfully, there are some magazines scattered on the table next to you. You pick one up and begin to flip through the pages absentmindedly. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you’re called in for your appointment.

That was the norm in Sera’s* bustling beauty parlour in South Asia. She hardly ever turned down clients wanting their hair and nails done at short notice. Her waiting room was often filled with people anxiously waiting for their turn.

Sera had decided to follow Christ two years earlier, and regularly attended a local church. She never missed an opportunity to share her faith with her clients. Her church had received a bundle of Light and Spark magazines in the local language from ShareWord Global. Sera felt a strong desire to share the Scripture resources with her clients and brought some of them to the beauty parlour.

To Sera’s delight, some of her clients were intrigued by the magazines. The uplifting gospel messages attracted interest, with some asking follow up questions. Sera soon realized that some of the magazines were missing. She suspected her clients had taken them home to read and asked her pastor for more copies. 

To her surprise, the new batch of magazines also disappeared after a week. She hoped the people who had taken them discovered the hope of the gospel.

A few days later, three of Sera’s clients walked into the beauty parlour. Initially, she assumed that they had come for their regular appointments. But they had something else on their minds. It was not the usual beauty tips they wanted. 

To her surprise, they asked her to sit down. The three clients had a rather unusual confession to make. They had taken some of the magazines home without Sera’s permission. But their hearts were touched by the Good News in the magazines. They were hungry for more information about the gospel. 

One of the clients asked Sera a question: “Your Lord is the Light, Way, and Truth. Can you tell us more about your God?”

With a big smile on her face, Sera shared all she knew about her faith. She introduced the trio to her pastor who shared more about God’s plan of salvation. As the pastor spoke, they listened intently, and were moved by what they heard. They realized that Jesus was the only way to salvation and accepted Him as their Saviour.

After a few weeks, the three were baptized in a joyous ceremony. Sera was grateful for the opportunity to help lead them to God’s Kingdom. She knew this was only the beginning of an exciting journey of sharing her faith.

*name changed

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