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Leave a Legacy

You can leave a legacy that will have an enduring impact on lives with the gospel for generations to come.

How will you make an impact that lasts for generations?

As you think about passing the torch to the next generation of believers passionate about sharing God’s Word, how will you make sure that torch continues to shine brightly?

Over the course of your life, God has moved you to steward your resources in a way that’s touched the hearts of an untold number of people. You can continue that legacy by making sure your passion for sharing the Gospel endures for generations.

By designating a legacy gift, you will make a significant, lasting, and continual contribution to building God’s Kingdom. Your legacy gift to the Charitable Fund of ShareWord Global strengthens the foundation of the ministry, and builds a sustainable future of gospel impact. An untold number of people will continue to receive God’s Word because of your faithful stewardship.


Advisors With Purpose

ADVISORS with Purpose provides competent Christian advisors and professionals who are trained to help you create a legacy and release the life-changing principles of Biblical stewardship.

We have partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to come alongside you as you faithfully steward your financial resources in a way that carries on your heart for advancing God’s Kingdom. Once you have cared for those closest to you, ADVISORS with Purpose will help you use whatever is left to continue sustaining meaningful charitable activities around the world.

We would like to provide you with access to a complimentary, confidential consultation with an estate planner. Click here to connect directly with an estate specialist at ADVISORS with Purpose.


Through Your Will

A will is a powerful way to reach the lost with the gospel. You can structure your will to make ShareWord Global or the Charitable Fund the beneficiary of your estate in a number of ways. Call 1-888-482-4253 or email for more information.

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