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GMR - Good News

All over the world, people are hearing the gospel, and having their lives changed by the Holy Spirit, thanks to people like you making the truly meaningful decision to support local churches.

In Nicaragua, your support sent a team of believers into a school to share the gospel. While they were doing so, they met 12-year-old Jacob. As Jacob listened to them talk about God, and the importance of obeying their father, he became sad. Jacob didn’t have a dad. As he told the evangelists this, they told him about his Father in Heaven who would never leave him.

Now, Jacob uses that message of hope to share the Good News with others: “I try to share with my friends that God is real and that no matter what has happened to us in life, He will always be with us,” he said.

And Jacob isn’t the only youngster who’s been impacted by your giving.

A young man named Charlot has felt alone for some time. “[My father] does not recognize me as his child,” he shared. “And my mother cannot help me. It is the pastor who helps me when I need it and helps me go to school.”

Thanks to donors like you, Charlot is able to read the gospel message in his own language and receive the hope that only comes from Jesus.

Your support is also making a difference in Africa. At a recent outreach event, some of our pastor partners held an evangelism training event where they taught a group of young believers how to share their faith. This team of young men and women went out after the training and shared the gospel with over 200 people!

And finally, your giving is bringing hope to refugees in Malawi.

At the Dzaleka camp, which was built to house 12,000 people, there are currently 50,000 people in need of hope. Only 3,000 of these people will be processed every year, and with over 300 people entering the camp every month, a sad reality is most will never leave this camp.

That’s why your giving is so important.

Your gift is bringing the gospel into the camp, and bringing hope to people who are in desperate need of it. But the need is still great. There are so many people still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus. And you can bring it to them.

Consider supporting the Church in Malawi, as they share the gospel with refugees today!





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