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GMF - Peru

The Peruvian Church needs your support!


Emelec had a dream. To revitalize evangelism efforts in the seven villages that surrounded his. To preach the gospel, sparking a new passion for evangelism in the existing churches, and sending them out to lead people to Christ. Then, where needed, they would form new churches with those new believers.

But Emelec never knew how this dream could become a reality—until an Ignite event gave him the resources he needed!

When we heard his story, we couldn’t believe it.

Here was a man that most people might look at and make assumptions about his needs—but all he really wanted was the fellowship of other believers, and the resources and support to share the gospel in his isolated community!

And you know what? With the training and resources donors like you have provided, Emelec has been able to make a real difference in those seven communities. It’s an inspiring story, but it’s one that’s far from over.

Now that he has seen the impact ShareWord Global’s training and Scripture resources have had, and more and more believers have joined him, he has a new vision—to ignite a passion in 100 churches, in the 50 villages in his region of Peru.

But Emelec and the rest of our partners in the region cannot do it without your help!

Scripture resources in the area are running low. Normally, when Emelec makes the long trek to meet with other ministry partners, he receives enough resources to equip the churches in his region. But upon arriving at the most recent meet up, there were not enough Scripture resources for him to share with all the believers back in his village. He was only able to take one box with him.

He was crushed.

He could imagine all the people who needed hope—who needed to hear God’s Word but wouldn’t be able to.

That is why it is so important for you to give now. Your gift today will change all of that. These new believers need resources to grow in their faith, and the ability to share the gospel. And you can share it with them.

Will you stand with Emelec, and these faithful brothers and sisters in Christ, today as they seek to bring Christ’s message of hope and redemption to all of Peru?





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