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Shine the light of the gospel in South Asia



As Sajith worked away in the heat, he saw a familiar figure approaching the tea plantation where he spent most of his days working tirelessly. It was a pastor from his community. He had visited the plantation every week for the last six months, and had tried to talk to Sajith many times before, but since Sajith was Buddhist, he never paid much attention.

But this time things were different. In addition to sharing the gospel, the pastor gave Sajith a Light magazine in the Tamil Language. Sajith was curious. As he flipped through the pages, he reflected on his life. His addiction was hurting his family, and his religion was providing no answers.

So Sajith read through the magazine.

In its pages he discovered all the things the pastor had been trying to tell him:

  • There was a God
  • And God loved him very much
  • Sajith could be a child of God
  • His sins could be forgiven...forever

Sajith wanted all of that.

He made the decision to give his life to Jesus that day. He left his life of drugs and was filled with a new purpose: to share his new hope with his wife.

While Sajith’s story is inspiring, it’s also a rare one in his home country—known as the Pearl of South Asia. The majority of the population is Buddhist, and the affect it’s had on the culture is deeply troubling. The philosophy of detaching oneself from everyone, and everything around them as a way of avoiding suffering has left many feeling empty.

They are searching for meaning in their life—a hope they can cling to. They are looking for life, and life to the full. The life Jesus promised his followers. And you can introduce them to it.

Right now, an opportunity is opening up in this South Asian country. The Assemblies of God ministry is looking to partner with ShareWord Global with the goal of seeing twice as many people following Christ as currently do in this country in the coming years.

But they need your help to do it. Your support will equip more people with the evangelism training they need to share the gospel with people like Sajith. It will give them the Scripture resources they need to put God’s Word in their hands, letting it transform their lives.

The time to act is now.

Doors are opening in this South Asian country, but no one knows how long that will last. Your gift today can make all the difference—bringing hope and purpose to someone just like Sajith.

Will you join this mission?

Your gift today of:

  • $60 Will provide South Asian believers with 10 Scriptures to help them share the gospel in their community.
  • $180 will see the Good News shared with 30 people like Sajith and give them their own copy of Scripture so they can find the truth in God’s Word.
  • $410 will provide a local church with a Grow Your Church kit including a Study Bible for the pastor, Bibles for the congregation, and 50 Scripture magazines the church can use to share the gospel with people like Sajith.

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