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GMN - Year End

This Christmas, give the perfect gift of God’s Word

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...” James 1:17 (NIV)


Receiving a gift was the last thing on Russel's mind as he sat in his classroom one day at school. Truthfully, he'd begun to let his mind wander. He was staring out the window, daydreaming about being outside and playing soccer, when suddenly his thoughts were disrupted by a new presence in the room. He looked from the window to see one of our pastor partners Obeída Ramírez standing at the front of the class.

Obeída spoke with passion about a Heavenly Father who loved each and every one of them. And when she finished, she went around the room and gave each child their own copy of the Chispa (Spark) Scripture magazine.

Russel was elated.

He received his copy with the same excitement as a child receiving a present from their parents on Christmas morning. He gripped it tightly. Opened it up to see what was inside. And held it close to his body.

Russel closed his eyes and boldly proclaimed, “I want to accept the Lord!”

Later, when it was time to leave the school, Russel’s teacher asked him if he would like to put the magazine in his backpack so he could bring it home. But Russel shook his head. He didn’t want the magazine to leave his hands, not even to go into his bag.

As he left the class, still tightly clutching his Chispa magazine, Russel saw his parents. He ran to them. Holding the Scripture magazine in front of himself, he yelled, “Look what the Pastor gave me. It is a gift from God!”

Russel used the gift he had been given to tell his family about an even greater gift—the gift of Christ’s love—and soon his family was just as excited as he was. Now, both Russel and his sister attend Pastor Obeída’s church every Sunday.

Stories like this are what Christmas is all about. But Russel’s Christmas miracle would not have been possible without someone like you making the truly meaningful decision to give.

This Christmas, will you give the gift of the gospel to children in Nicaragua? All it takes is $6 to share the gospel with a student like Russel. And the need is great.

God has opened the door for us to share the gospel with Scripture with every school-aged child in Nicaragua. That’s 1 million more kids still waiting to receive the gift of the gospel. But they won’t hear this Good News without people like you sharing it with them.

We know this time of year is busy, but we ask that you please take some time to share the love of Christ with students in Nicaragua this Christmas.

Your Christmas gift of:

  • $60 will give the gift of the gospel to ten students.
  • $96 will share the Good News of Christ with 16 students this Holiday Season.
  • $150 will share the gift of God’s Word with an entire classroom this Christmas.





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