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This Christmas, Give the Greatest Gift

Most days, 11-year-old Bryan went to school hungry. He tried to focus on his education but fighting through hunger pangs and often being exposed to the elements made it difficult to concentrate.


As he looked around his classroom, he saw that he wasn’t the only one struggling. His entire class was made up of kids just like him. Kids who had nothing. Kids who were in constant need, and looking for anything that could give them hope.

And coming home didn’t offer much reprieve. Despite his young age, Bryan wore a heavy burden on his shoulders. After school and on weekends he found himself on the side of a mountain, breaking stones with a hammer. Along with his mother and brother, Bryan collected and broke down rocks to sell in town so other people could build homes. It gave his family just enough money to survive.

As Bryan looked to the future, and saw his present, he was gripped by fear. What if his family couldn’t get enough money together for food? What if his mom left the way so many other kids’ moms had? What if things never got better?

“Sometimes I feel sad,” Bryan said. "I look around and see that other people have so much more than us. It’s so difficult for us to get anything.”

But in the midst of this sadness, a ray of light sparked hope for Bryan.

One of our pastor partners visited his classroom and told him the Good News about Jesus. She told him about Jesus’ love, and the hope that all believers could have in Him. She also gave him a Spark scripture magazine so he could continue to read about Christ’s love for him after she left.

“In this magazine I learned that Jesus is with me, and my mother, and my brother,” he said. “[I used to be scared], but now I know that Jesus listens to everything I say, and now I’m not scared anymore.”

Now Bryan and his whole family have joined that pastor’s church and are filled with a hope for the future they never thought they would have. It’s an inspiring story of gospel triumph!

But there are still 1 -million students waiting to receive this Good News for themselves. And you can bring it to them. Your gift today will provide local churches with the training and resources they need to transform lives likenBryan’s with the gospel.

And the need is urgent.

Right now, high-ranking officials within Nicaragua have opened the door to ShareWord Global to share the gospel with Scripture with every school-aged child in the country. But no one knows how long that door will stay open. Faithful believers are doing everything they can to reach every child in the country with the gospel while they can, but they can’t do it without you.

This Christmas, you have the power to give a gift that can transform lives and meet the greatest need a child has. There are a lot of needs we simply cannot meet for young people in Nicaragua. But their greatest need is the same need kids struggle with all over the world—the need for a relationship, and knowledge of Jesus. You have the power to meet that need today. Will you?

  • $60 will share the gospel with 10 students like Bryan this holiday season.
  • $96 has the power to transform 16 lives with the gospel this Christmas.
  • $150  will share the true reason for the season with an entire classroom of students.





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