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Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds from a wide network of people through a very simple mechanism.

Just a few dollars from each person can eventually add up to a big number!

Current Fundraisers

Help Fund Scriptures for Malawi

Help us raise $70,000 dollars to supply the Church in Malawi with Bibles in their own language...

Help Fund Ana Luiza de Faria

I have a heart for the nations with a growing yearning in to share the gospel. To be part of a revival in Brasil and arround the world is what moves me.

Help Fund Ângela Luiza Cunha Legey

I'm rasing funds to a missionary trip from ShareWord Global to Canada in November 2023. 

Help Fund Samuel Namongo Coulibaly

Shalom, je suis Samuel Namongo Coulibaly. I decided to take the opportunity of the GO TRIP to Malawi from July 13 to 25, 2023 to bring light to people who obviously need it.

Help Fund Jéssica Elaine Pavanelo

I'm Jéss, I'm going to Canada to share the gospel, I'm connected to GO Trip by my church that has already a ministry that share the gospel in English. I invite all of you to go with me in this trip by donation and prayers, I am part of the Church that God has conneted through the nations.

Help Fund Silas and Luana Hartmann

Hi! Luana and I are missionaries and currently work with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Curitiba, Brazil full-time.

Help Fund Marcelino & Maria Aleta Parayaoan

We are delighted that we are fortunately chosen to join the mission trip to Malawi, Africa with ShareWord Global on July 13-25, 2023!

Help Fund Rick and Sandy Thomsen

We are excited to be a part of the ShareWord Global GO Trip this September to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

Help Fund Carla Laframboise

Hello everyone! As you know I love to evangelize!! I feel that if we go it should be in our own backyard so Yellowknife is.I always wanted to go to Yellowknife so the opportunity came up! 

Help Fund Brian Coleman

My hope and prayer are that, with the Lord's guidance, and through sharing my own testimony, seeds of the Gospel and what Christ did for us all will be planted.

Help Fund Debbie Warner

I serve the local church as we encourage and disciple other believers in relational Gospel conversations.

Help Fund Tanya Cornfoot

I serve the local church as we encourage and disciple other believers in relational Gospel conversations.

Help Fund Luiz Godinho

Our brothers and sisters in Chile need help! 

Help Fund Leticia Perdonsin

Hello, I am Letícia and I love Canada. Since I was a child I admire and pray for this nation.

Help Fund Ralph & Heidi Arndt

We're very passionate about sharing Jesus with the people of Lima, Peru. 

Help Fund Victoria Costa

My Name is Victoria and I’m from Brazil. I had the opportunity to learn about the GO Trip through ShareWord Global visit to my city.

Help Fund Thiago Oliveira

As a 35-year-old Brazilian language trainer in São Paulo, with a heart for missions, I've taught English and Portuguese to foreign students. Now, I'm embarking on a new adventure.

Help Fund Kwame Benjamin Acheampong

Hey there I would live for you to join me in pray as well as financially as I head to Chile to share the word of God.

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