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Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds from a wide network of people through a very simple mechanism.

Just a few dollars from each person can eventually add up to a big number!

Current Fundraisers

Help Fund Luiz and Ana's Brazil GO Trip

We will be travelling to Brazil & Chile to serve as missionaries alongside ShareWord Global Ministries. God opened doors in these two countries, enabling new opportunities to put God’s Word into people’s hands and to help equip local churches to share the Gospel relationally. 

Help Fund Scriptures for Malawi

Help us raise $70,000 dollars to supply the Church in Malawi with Bibles in their own language...

Help Fund Lydia Pardys

Hey! My name is Lydia and I am so excited to be going on this Brazil trip this summer. I went on this trip last year and enjoyed it so much I am going again. Thank you for choosing to support me, I am very grateful!

Help Fund Krista Mtowela

My name is Krista Mtowela and I am currently in grade 10 at Woodland Christian High School. Together with a team from my school, I am planning to go to Brazil on a missions trip this summer.

Help Fund Myungjin Oh

Hi my name is MJ! I am very exciting to go on Brazil trip. THANK YOU for supporting me!

Help Fund Jaden Leibold

Our team will be partnering with a couple of local churches to put on a number of “VBS'' style camps for public school kids and potentially private English school kids.

Help Fund Evan Van Dyke

Hi im Evan! Im 16 years old and live in Canada. This summer, an amazing team from my high school is heading to Brazil for a Mission Trip. 

Help Fund Gavin Barnes

I, along with several other students from Woodland Christian High School will be going to Curitiba Brazil...

Help Fund Breindel Satnik

My school will be partnering with a couple of local churches to put on a number of “VBS'' style camps

Help Fund Julia Hiller

Hi all! My name is Julia and I am a 16 year old student attending Woodland Christian High School.

Help Fund Ronald B Stephenson

I love to serve the Lord.  I love serve as a short term missionary.  I love to meet people in my country and in other countries.  I am aways blessed when I go on a missions trip.

Help Fund Ruth Zondag

Hello! My name is Ruth and I will be going on a missions trip to Brazil this summer with Woodland Christian High School. 

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