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Last Chance
Last Chance

Mila is a member who works at a hospital in Calgary. No matter where she is, Nurse Mila tries to be equipped for evangelism with a copy of Scripture close by. 

One day, Mila felt a strong urge to share the love of Christ with one of her patients—a woman in critical condition. She tried to suppress this feeling because she knew it had the potential to put her job at risk. 

Despite the fear, Mila hesitantly brought a little Gospel of John with her to work in hopes that it might spark a faith conversation. But when she arrived at the hospital, the patient was extremely weak, having been in and out of consciousness the whole night prior. It felt like an inappropriate time to share the gospel, so Mila decided not to give her a Scripture that day. 

When Mila arrived back at the hospital the following day, she found the patient much more alert. As she drew close to the bedside, she again felt a prompting in her spirit to place her gift in the patient’s hands.

Mila began telling her about the sacrificial love of Christ. Before long, the discussion of self-harm and suicide came about. To guide the challenging conversation, she turned to the “helps” section of the New Testament. The two discovered verses that brought light into the extreme darkness the patient had been experiencing. When Mila finally walked out of the room, she left the woman intently reading the little Scripture.

That very night, without forewarning, the patient was taken out of the urgent care unit and into the suicide watch ward on the other side of the hospital. Mila knew this meant they were not likely to see one another again. 

As Mila drove home, she couldn’t help but think… God had led her to give that Gospel of John at the exact moment He intended. If she had waited just one more day, she would have missed her opportunity. 

Learning to follow God’s direction is part of our journey as individuals and as a team. As we mature in our faith, we more easily recognize His prompts. What opportunity is God giving you to share the gospel today?

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