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Oh Finally

In winter 2021, some of our staff members attended a ministry event in Nova Scotia. After a long day of discussing new strategies and evangelism tools, the group left with renewed spirits...and rumbling stomachs. So, they headed to dinner at a local oceanside restaurant. The service was fantastic, and when their food arrived, they prayed over it—nothing out of the ordinary.

After the prayer, they heard a rousing, “Amen!” Their heads whipped around to realize the waiter had joined in! “’s just always great to see people praying,” she smiled.

“Sorry?!” One of our staff members laughed. “Don't be sorry! Jesus wants a relationship with everyone!” And from there, a gospel conversation started.

They told her about ShareWord Global, what we do, and our history. That’s when things started to click in her mind, and she began to open up about her personal life.

“My brother-in-law accepted Christ as his Saviour because of a Gideon Bible. Then he went into prison ministry and would share Bibles with the inmates.”

That’s when she expressed her own desire to join the ministry—something she thought she wasn't able to do. One of our staff members piped up from the far end of the table. “You can for sure join! We need faithful women and men to join together in His name!” OhFinally2

“Oh, finally!” The woman expressed. “I thought I couldn't be a part of the ministry because I’m young and I’m a woman. Can I volunteer?” she asked. “With this new name and vision, I feel like I would belong.”

Now, just a few months later, she is a member and excited to share the gospel! God has so much in store, and we are eager to see her blossom in this ministry during the years to come. Who knows...maybe one day you will join her on a GO Trip?

*Quotes taken from a conversation and not transcribed verbatim

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