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A heart of stone melts

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Veruzca held her toddler Benjamin tightly in the vain hope it would keep the pneumonia wracking his frail body at bay. The long wait for medical attention was agonizing. When she saw a team approaching with Scripture magazines, the last thing Veruzca wanted to deal with was a Bible-toting evangelism team. After all, how can God be good if he allowed her son to endure such pain?

Veruzca wanted to tell them off, give them a piece of her mind. But something inside her said listen to what they have to say. When they told her about the sacrifice Jesus made for her on the cross, her heart melted.

As Veruzca listened further, she vividly saw the love of Jesus on the glossy pages of the Esperanza (Hope) magazine handed to her.

After an hour of chatting with the evangelism team, she looked up with tears in her eyes and said: “My heart is open to know more.”

When Benjamin finally got the medical attention, Veruzca knew the real healing had already taken place.

Veruzca needed hope. Like so many who are in the hospital, either for their own health or taking care of a loved one, the love of God can seem distant. By supporting the Hospital ministry, you provide the hope that only comes from the gospel. And you make a vital difference in the lives of people just like Veruzca.

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