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ShareWord Christmas Catalogue

A light, shining in the dark

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Ann was living in Kyiv when the war broke out. When a rocket destroyed her neighbour’s house, Ann knew it was time to leave.

Ann and her family fled Kyiv and boarded a train for an area they hoped would be safer. When they arrived she came across our ministry partners from Mission Eurasia, who provided her family with food, shelter, and Scriptures.

When she found out they were Christian and were helping everyone, not just other Christians, she was intrigued.

“I wanted to know why they were helping so many people, so I volunteered to help at this church, which was giving so much help to others. Two weeks later, I started to pray and read the Bible myself,” she said.

“I felt joy, knowing God was leading me. I have no reason to lose heart. God brought me to this town under the shelling of the Russian army, and here I have learned about Jesus and become part of this church. I have a place to live, I can help others, and I am joyful.”

The situation in Ukraine is dire, and dark. But God’s Word is shining a light that the darkness cannot overcome. By donating to the work in Ukraine, you are placing copies of God’s Word into the hands of people like Ann. You are giving them the joy that only comes from a relationship with Jesus.

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