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Hope brings healing

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Evelyn felt numb and indifferent towards life.

A toxic relationship with her ex-husband led her to feel like she had no options left. So she swallowed acid in an attempt to escape her life.

The attempt failed. Now the physical pain she was in was bearable next to the constant mental turmoil that had led her here. In fact, the mother of three wished she had not survived.

When her children came to visit, she couldn’t even look them in the eyes to explain her actions. She felt judged, worthless, and in despair. That’s when she saw some beaming faces approaching her. She wondered if they had mistaken her for someone else. No one had so much as given her a second glance at the hospital.

The evangelism team told her about the unconditional love of Jesus which transcended whatever Evelyn had done. The team’s message hit home as Evelyn flipped through the pages of the Esperanza (Hope) magazine they shared with her.

She was overwhelmed. Evelyn gave her life to the Lord.

The gospel reached Evelyn, but there are so many like her yet to hear the Good News. Your support of the Church in Latin America can bring them that life-changing hope that only comes from our loving Saviour.

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