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Sowing Seeds

What big dream has God placed on your heart?

For Abigail, the eldest child in a family of six from Nicaragua, the dream is to attend post-secondary and study agricultural engineering. “I want to learn more,” Abigail shared, “more about the land, the fields, and sowing, to help everyone in my community.”

But Abigail is already sowing seeds of a different sort–ones that have already made an eternal impact. 

And it all started in high school. 

One day in class, Abigail and her fellow students heard the gospel message and received their very own Bible, supplied by Tyndale House Publishers and ShareWord Global, presented by local church Pastor Zeneyda.

When she got home that night, Abigail began to read. In fact, she read it every day, at every opportunity.

And her family started to take notice, but her mother was sceptical.

Why had someone given this book to her daughter? What was it they were trying to teach her? Abigail’s mother decided to seek out Pastor Zeneyda.

The pastor explained he was simply sharing the truth of the Son of God, Jesus, and invited Abigail and her mother to the church by their home.

Still curious, Abigail’s mother decided to take up the pastor’s invitation and attend the church to hear more about the message that was given to the youth in school.

And her heart was changed.

Two months later, Abigail’s mother professed Christ as her personal Saviour, following in her daughter’s footsteps!

And it all started with a single seed of hope planted in Abigail’s heart, a hope she shared with her family.

“I feel really good knowing that my mom comes with me to church every day when we have service,” shared Abigail. “I try to talk to my dad about Jesus. I tell him that God is good and that He gives us an opportunity to be saved.”

Being connected to their local church has given them a place to do fellowship with other believers, and the entire family is given the support and encouragement they need to create a deeper relationship with Christ.

This is how communities are changed–through the power of the gospel.

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