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The Audio Bible Barber
The Audio Bible Barber

34-year-old Rasel has worked as a barber in the Middle East for the last nine years. This provides income for his family, but the problem is, his loved ones live thousands of kilometers away. 

Back at home, Rasel and his wife have three children—one daughter and two sons. He is also the sole provider for his disabled younger brother, and two unmarried sisters.   

During these long nine years, Rasel has only had the opportunity to fly back to visit his family a total of five times.   

“I need to save a lot of money for purchasing tickets. It is just too tough to save that much.” Rasel expressed. “I have to look after my family by supporting them through sending money first.”   

Feeling far from his family, and even farther from God, Rasel is spiritually shaken.  

Hoping to reach out to this lonely man, one of our partners paid a visit to Rasel and gifted him with an audio Bible. This was an opportunity to share the love of Jesus! 

By the end of a long conversation about Christ, Rasel was eager to hear what kind of healing words could possibly be hiding in the little electronic device.  

As he switched the sound on that evening, what he heard brought unexplainable comfort.   

Now, as Rasel cuts hair, he listens to the Word. He’s so enthusiastic about what the recordings have been teaching him that he carries the audio bible in his pocket at his workplace, allowing his coworkers and customers to listen as well. 

Rasel is beginning to know the truth that will help him understand the meaning of life and eternity!

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