Forever Friends
Forever Friends

Deborah and the other GO Team members cautiously wandered through a district of Nicaragua that’s primarily known for dump-diving, unsure why God had called them to witness in this uncomfortable setting.

The people who reside in this hilly region live far below the national poverty line, making mere cents by selling the recycled items they scrounge up from the piles of unsanitary rotting garbage. Deb bowed her head and discreetly placed her finger over her nose, silently praying that the Lord would grant her the spiritual and physical strength to effectively evangelize in this hurting town. As she looked up, she noticed a man struggling to push a cart of heavy tree branches up a steep incline. It did not take long for Deb to realize this man’s cart was actually beginning to pick up speed. She watched in horror as the man was forced to let go of his cart, and sprint away as the buggy violently rolled down the bumpy slope behind him.

 Luckily, the cart slowed down close to where Deb was standing. Still in distress, she ran past the cart, howling frantically to the salesman approaching. “Are you okay? That sure was frightening!

Confused by her presence, a hesitant “yes” was the man’s only reply. Yet, Deb felt that this was just the beginning of a deep conversation. Jesus had brought the man’s cart towards her, and she felt the spiritual urge to speak the truth about His redemptive salvation.

Deb soon discovered that the man’s name was Jorge. As she eagerly began to explain the story of God’s forgiveness to her new friend, Jorge bluntly cut her off.

I cannot accept Jesus.” He blurted. “I have done very bad things, and I am not right with God. He could never forgive me for the things I have done.

Deb placed her hand on Jorge’s shoulder. In the gentlest way, she informed Jorge that he was completely wrong to think that way. “God accepts you, in all of your weakness, Jorge. He will wipe away every sin if you would just let him rule over your life.”

So, right then and there, a new friendship was made—between a renewed Jorge and a sincere Deb. More importantly, Jorge asked Jesus to be his forever friend—his merciful Father and everlasting Lord.

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