Ilmeus and Lovena: Two Young Evangelists
Ilmeus and Lovena: Two Young Evangelists

For decades, the prominent religion in the country of Haiti has been Voodooism. Today, we are partnering with ministries to share the gospel in this nation widely. The Holy Spirit is more powerful than any evil spiritual force, and we can see His power stirring the hearts of thousands of new believers in this country.

Particularly, we are excited to announce that our ministry projects and partnerships in Haiti are growing faster than ever! Together, with EduDeo Ministries, ShareWord Global will be providing 30,000 French Bibles to Haitian students by the end of 2022.

While accompanying the local EduDeo team last week, our Haitian country manager talked with hundreds of children who were blessed by the outreach team visiting their schools. The kids were excited about receiving their new Bibles so they could learn more about Jesus, and were eager for opportunities to tell others about Him too.

“My name is Ilmeus, I’m 10 years old and in 5th grade. Please pray for me because I would like to be a pastor. I want to lead a congregation and teach others about Christ. Thank you for this Bible.” (Ilmeus, pictured left)

“I am Lovena, and I’m in 6th grade. I would like you to pray for me because I am learning more about Jesus, but my mother is not a believer yet. Please pray for her, that she may see his mercy too. Thank you for this precious gift.” (Lovena, pictured right)

We rejoice that this new Bible will help guide these children into a life committed to serving Jesus. Will you do as IImeus and Lovena asked of us and pray for them? Pray that their relationships with Christ will grow deeper as the Lord continues to lead and guide them. Pray that Ilmues’ desire to be a pastor will become a reality and that countless lives will one day come to know Christ because of this young man’s journey. And for Lovena—that she be a witness to her family. May her mother see the light of Christ in Lovena’s life and want to know more about Him for herself.

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