Reaching Edmonton
Reaching Edmonton

After the training portion of the Ignite Evangelism Event in Edmonton, we split up into outreach teams to share the gospel. We were eager to practice what we’d learned, especially because there is a great amount of need in this city. Crime rates and homelessness are rapidly rising, and people need the gospel now more than ever.

Our group went to a bustling street called Whyte Avenue and had lots of fun sharing the gospel. I had the opportunity to share with two teenage boys. They were locking up their bikes and about to head into a convenience store when I stopped to ask them a question.

 “Would you be interested in a gospel of John?” I asked. 

“No thanks.” They replied. 

I noticed they weren’t offended by my question and were still interested in talking.

“Before you go into the store then, may I share something with you? God sees you right where you are, and he cares for you. He wants a relationship with you”. 

The two openly shared they believed in God but did not know him as their personal Saviour. One of the boys had even gone to a Bible camp when he was younger. 

After casually speaking with them for about ten minutes, we shared the gospel and a few of us also shared our testimonies. One of the boys left after that, but the other stayed. It was apparent Jesus was helping him understand the gospel.

“I want to accept Jesus too. May I?”  the boy asked suddenly. 

“Of course. All are welcome in His family!” I exclaimed.

Before we left, I wrote down the contact information for a local church, prayed with him, and gave him a Bible and Hope magazine. 

Please pray that this boy's new faith flourishes and that God uses him to make an impact for eternity. Please also pray for the city of Edmonton, that the message of Christ continues to reach streets and homes.

—Ignite Edmonton Participant  

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