The Redemption Bible: An Inmate’s Reflection
The Redemption Bible: An Inmate’s Reflection

John Paul is a site-based chaplain at a penitentiary center in Dorchester, New Brunswick. Chaplains are always looking for material that inmates find helpful for their spiritual growth. He has used both the Redemption Bible and magazine for ministry purposes and was recently approached by an inmate with a request to provide him with a new Redemption Bible. After speaking briefly, the two sat down and John Paul humbly inquired as to why this specific Scripture version has played a significant role in the man’s life. 

How did you first come across the Redemption Bible?  

I came across a Redemption Bible while on remand at a provincial correctional facility (name withheld). I noticed a few guys doing a Bible study, so I joined.  One of the men brought me to faith through it. Then he gave me my own copy. 

You specifically asked for a Redemption Bible. Why was that particular version so important to you? 

In 2019, I was in a short-term correctional facility. A fellow inmate got me a Bible and we started to do daily studies. After I was sentenced to a federal term of 2 years, I left it behind. Shortly after I arrived (at the federal institution), I ran into that man and he was falling out of faith until we talked again. He said I helped bring him to faith! Sadly, a few months ago, he passed away. I like the Bible and the sentimental value too.  

What is it about the layout or translation that appeals to you? 

The Redemption Bible is easy to read. The cover makes it look tattered like it’s a well-used book. The more scuffs, bends and tears on it help show it’s been used. 

Have you seen the Redemption magazine? What do you think of it? 

I have had a chance to look at the Redemption magazine. I like it. The layout is good and I liked having Romans and John laced through it. 

Do you still have your original Redemption Bible? 

When I went to federal prison, I left the Bible behind in hopes that the next guy who finds it would get as much use from it as I did. 

How important is the Bible to you? What do you look for when you read it? 

Currently, I’m trying to find my religious niche. I consider myself a situational reader until I find my place. It is an important part of my spiritual journey.

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