'Yesu Kwagala'
'Yesu Kwagala'

Angela, although originally timid about her ability to evangelize, shares a courageous experience where she confidently leads a young man to Christ!

“My name is Angela; I’m 21 years old. I had the chance to experience a ShareWord Global Outreach trip to Entebbe, Uganda. I came on this trip not knowing what to expect, as it was my first mission trip ever. At first, I was scared to come! But when I arrived, I came into a community of open arms—people who showed me how to share Jesus with others; they just loved the Lord Jesus. I was able to see and feed and grow from being a part of the GO Team. Every step of the way, I could see God behind the scenes.” 

One afternoon, as the team was walking through a village trading canter, I noticed a man sitting by himself. I asked, ‘Ojagala Yesu?’ (Do you want to know Jesus?) And he responded with a ‘yes.’ He told me his name was Bernard. I didn’t crouch down and talk with him right away; I didn’t feel capable of sharing the gospel and I thought maybe someone else would. But God kept bringing me back and I couldn’t help but feel compassion for him. Taking a step outside of my comfort zone, I started to tell him the gospel of Jesus, saying that he could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that ‘Yesu Kwagala,’ (Jesus loves him). I told him he can grow
in his personal relationship by reading the Word of God, explaining that Scripture is how God talks to us—through his Word. I asked Bernard if he wanted to have Jesus as his personal Saviour. Praise God; He did! I lead him through the prayer of salvation. He didn’t quite understand, so I showed him the back of the magazine. He spoke the prayer out loud softly, while I held his hand, listening. Finally, we asked for his information to give to the local church (Living Hope Church) so he could stay connected with a body of Christ.”

Angela (Paraphrased)



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