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Milas' Gardens and the Growing Church in Brazil

​​For the first time ever, a team of Brazilians lead a GO Trip in their own country! A group of 28 missionaries were trained and sent out to the islands of Camamu Bay. And the stories coming out of this week-long trip demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit working through his servants in Brazil. In-country representative, Murilo, wrote about one of the outreach days where they witnessed a massive spiritual transformation.

“We spent the day in Ilha Grande, the largest of the five islands. This was also where our hotel and main partner church were located. Our morning started out with a homemade-style breakfast and an inspiring devotion on Luke 8. We prayed that the Word of God would be clearly heard and produce a huge harvest.

We split into two smaller groups of 14, making sure the people who felt less comfortable were teamed up with members who had been on a few outreach trips like this before. First, we set up our portable doctor’s/dentist’s office. About ten people were served that morning—both medically and spiritually. The other half of our group went out to do door-to-door evangelism, visiting dozens of houses on the island. We spent the morning sharing the gospel, giving out Esperança (Hope) magazines and inviting people to an afternoon of activities organized for kids and evening service at the church.

There was one man named Milas who left a lasting impression on my heart. Milas was a strong man in his early twenties. He was working in his garden when we approached his house. In a very welcoming way, Milas opened the gate to speak with us. At that same moment, his mother and aunt walked over to listen. As we flipped the pages of the Esperança (Hope) magazine and explained why we were there, I could tell how touched Milas was. We ended up having a very long conversation. Towards the end of our time together, one of my team members asked if they would like to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Milas quickly replied, “I would.” Interestingly, his mother and aunt said they needed to think more about it, but Milas, the youngest of them, was quick to say 'yes' and pray with us, asking Jesus into his heart.”

Please continue to pray for the country of Brazil. Good change is happening in Jesus’ name and faithful followers of Christ are becoming more motivated to evangelize. Please specifically pray for Murilo’s new friend, Milas. As he tends to his gardens, may the spiritual seeds planted that day be watered through the support of the local church.

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