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For members in the Sherbrooke-L'Estrie area of Quebec, the 2019 summer season wrapped up with a wonderful community BBQ fundraiser. Not only did people generously contribute to sharing God’s Word around the world, but the Lord used the event to welcome two of His daughters into the kingdom.

As the hosts chatted with people who stopped at their welcome table—stacked high with Scripture resources— they hardly noticed two shy women watching the evangelism action. 

Marie, who had received an invitation to the fundraiser, stepped forward and introduced herself, along with and her twin sister, Margarite. The conversation progressed and it became clear that the women had never been exposed to the gospel message before.  

Upon this realization, a few of the other people standing around the welcome table immediately asked them if they were curious about God. Confused and intrigued, the two women nodded. 

As Marie and Margarite eagerly flipped through the Scriptures, they became more and more vulnerable with questions about faith. Overhearing the joyful commotion, others nearby began to join the spiritual conversation. 

Later, as the ladies sat happily reading their new Bibles, one of the hosts walked over and gently asked them if they wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts. 

The sisters smiled and jumped at the request. The three prayed together, and both Marie and Margarite asked God to rule over their broken lives. The sisters left the fundraiser event with full bellies and even fuller hearts, with a newfound passion for the Holy Spirit.

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