A Spirit-Led Heart
A Spirit-Led Heart

Nihad was passionate about Zambia. 

The Egyptian-born pastor currently leads a church in Brandon, Manitoba, so it may seem odd that this African nation was placed on his heart, but it’s clear it had been put there by God. 

For the last year-and-a-half, Nihad and some of his pastor friends would get together to pray. Many of these pastors were from Zambia, and as they told him about their homeland, a fire began to ignite in his heart. 

So when he heard there was a Gospel Outreach Trip planned for the African nation, he was thrilled. There was just one problem—he had a trip scheduled to fly to Israel at the exact same time. 

Nihad was forced to make a decision. Miss the Zambia GO Trip, or cancel his trip to Israel. 

It was an easy choice. 

“My heart leapt in joy and excitement when I found out about the trip. I had that burden the Holy Spirit put on my heart for Zambia, so I called and canceled the Israel Mission trip so that I could come to Zambia.” 

Once there, Nihad was ecstatic to meet with believers he had never met, but had been praying for. To build up churches he had never seen, but whose future had weighed heavily on his heart. 

During the ten-day trip, he was able to visit nine churches, meet hundreds of believers, and lead dozens of people to Jesus. The mission field was everything he had hoped it would be. 

“It’s amazing. I’m overwhelmed with joy because of the souls that were won by Christ. And so many believers, ministers, and pastors were mobilized and ignited through this GO Trip, to the revival that is happening here. The spiritual revival to win souls,” Nihad said. 

“It makes me feel so happy, so humble, to see the churches coming together. It ignites in me a desire to pray for Zambia even more. It has multiplied my passion many-fold, seeing what God is doing here.” 

It’s not always easy to answer God’s call, or listen to what the Spirit has put on your heart. But when you do, as Nihad experienced, there is great blessing.

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