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A Helping Hand

Have you ever felt a hole inside of you? An emptiness you couldn’t understand, and you didn’t know how to fill it? For some, it can turn into a bit of a black hole, and it can consume the entirety of that person. For others, they’re desperate for ways to fill it. Many fill it with destructive things.

Alcohol abuse.

Physical gratification.


Even in this pit of despair, because that’s what it can turn into, some still have a glimmer of hope that things can get better. They want it to get better.

Lincol was one of those people.

He lives in Peru and was in a very dark place when two evangelists, members of a church partnered with ShareWord Global, knocked on his door. Lincol, like many others, had felt an emptiness inside for many years. When he was in his early twenties, he tried to fill this part of him with drugs. But no high gave him what he needed. Time after time, it was still the same.

There was something missing.

He knew the drugs were destroying his life. He knew that he needed to stop, but addiction had such a firm hold on him. And while the two evangelists shared with him the Word of God, standing there in his open doorway, he felt it.

The grip darkness had on him began to ebb away. Not completely. But he felt that, for the first time, there was a hand reaching out to him. A hand that would hold onto him and never let him go. A hand that would keep him safe.

With this new knowledge, Lincol accepted Christ as his Saviour. He had felt alone for so long. It had made fighting his addiction so overwhelming. But now, knowing that his God was walking beside him every step of the way, it felt like something he could finally manage.

It hasn’t been an easy road, but Lincol is receiving discipleship from his local church and has been diligently reading his Bible and the Esperanza (Hope) magazine supplied by ShareWord Global. Every day he gets to know God a little bit better and is thankful that someone was there to step in and help fill the gap in his heart.

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