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Biking the Grid

Rain, snow, or shine, Ross hops on his bicycle to see where God will lead him to evangelize. He has found an effective way to reach the people on his grid—strolling along local bike paths with Scriptures tied to the front and sides of his bicycle. During his travels, Ross often shares the gospel with kids, giving them a Spark magazine. Adults also receive a Scripture, such as the Hope magazine or a pocket-sized Gospel of John. Hundreds of people living in the Calgary area have been introduced to Christ by this jolly gentleman on his bike.

Ross shared a story about a time when he met two young men along the way. 

Last summer, I was biking downtown Calgary; I had almost given all of my Bibles out. As I rounded the corner towards my home street, I noticed two guys sitting on a park bench—both about 20 years old. I felt that I was supposed to turn around and go talk to them. After I introduced myself, they told me their names were Max and John. As soon as I began to talk about eternal life, John cut me off, exclaiming he and Max had been discussing the afterlife just moments before. They had been sitting there, talking about where they were going to spend eternity. So I shared about salvation and left them each with their own copies of the New Testament!

And that’s simply two of countless Scriptures Ross has given out in his lifetime. He is such an inspirational evangelist but humbly gives all glory to the Father. “This mission is really a team ministry—I just happen to be the person on the bike. And above all, the glory goes to God.

Just as Ross has found his way along the grid system roads of busy Calgary, you can also find the right spiritual map to reach your community. Pray intentionally, and ask God to lead you to reach the people on your grid!

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