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Together we can tell the world

Our work is ongoing in Canada, Kenya, Ukraine, Brazil, Nicaragua, Cuba, the Middle East, and many, many more regions. This year, thousands will be mobilized to share the gospel and through them, mil...


Grow Your Church Program

When we received a request for evangelism training and Bibles from Sammy, Head Officer in charge of Embu Main Prison in Kenya, the need and urgency for the gospel were evident. Sammy had reached out...


They Need You

“We need you.” It is not every day one hears words like this. These were the words a group of pastors told our team during an online evangelism training. It is often said that Christianity in Africa ...


Two Nations

God is writing a new book for Nicaragua and Cuba. He is opening a new opportunity to spread the Word of God among people whose lives have been rattled by a pandemic, corruption, government restricti...


Good News

All over the world, people are hearing the Good News of Jesus and their lives are being transformed. And none of it would be possible without you! Your support is changing lives among some of the m...


Hidden Church

God is doing amazing things in the Middle East! Last year we started broadcasting the gospel into millions of homes throughout the Muslim world, and impact it has had has been incredible. “It’s mob...


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